Feeling a little paranoid lately? Worried that somebody out there may be trying to do you in? Maybe you should check out the slick new catalog from Life Force Technologies Ltd., in Aspen, Colo. For $130, you can order Audio-Binoculars that allow you to focus in on someone up to 200 feet away and hear what he's saying. $995 will get you a briefcase with a hidden tape recorder. Then there's the Dark Invader Night Vision System, a handheld viewer that lets you see into dark places. Not to mention the $35,000 Trochillidae rotorcraft, a kind of personal helicopter, ideal for quick escapes.

The catalog is the brainchild of Bob Duggan and Doug Casey, two guys who know a market opportunity when they see it. Duggan is president of New Dimensions Technologies Ltd., which owns Life Force. And Casey? He's the author who advises investors how to profit from a world beset with crisis. Paranoia sells.