If a recycling program strikes your fancy but you haven't got a clue where to start, there's a set of guidelines available to get the ball rolling in 1990. And it's free.

Hot off the presses of Rhode Island Solid Waste Management Corp. -- a quasi-state agency that manages almost all of Rhode Island's solid waste and also works with corporations and local governments to set up reduction and recycling programs -- is a "source reduction poster" that provides suggestions about how you can control waste in your office, production, shipping, and cafeteria areas.

The hands-on waste-management suggestions include: getting off unwanted junk-mail lists with a simple phone call, supplying employees with coffee mugs rather than paper cups, and encouraging suppliers to use environmentally sound packaging material. The other side of the poster features similar advice for controlling waste in the home.

The advice isn't easily overlooked. It's printed as a large poster to help keep everybody vigilant.

Write: Rhode Island Solid Waste Management Corp., West Exchange Center, 260 West Exchange St., Providence RI 02903. There is a $2 fee for additional copies if your business is based outside Rhode Island.