The publishers of Evening Moscow, an 800,000-circulation daily paper owned by the Moscow city government, have teamed up with Kompass Intercontinental Publishing Co., owned by American entrepreneurs, to copublish a business magazine for American and Soviet audiences. "Many Russians are ready to start businesses," says Nikolai Starostin, the magazine's Soviet editor. "But they're in, like, a dark room. They have to learn about everything." The magazine will be printed in Soviet and U.S. editions and feature articles on such topics as how to do an American trade show.

Some $200,000 in start-up capital has been provided by three Americans -- Natan Slezinger, a former Soviet citizen and restaurant owner; Robert Friedmann, a Czech emigré and chairman of a Boston advertising and publishing agency; and John Rose, the agency's president. Evening Moscow will pick up the tab to print and ship both editions. "We're riding a crest now in the American-Soviet love-hate relationship," says Friedmann. "And we can ignore it or take advantage of it."

-- Leslie Brokaw