march 1990

The next time you mail a letter or package, Barry Fribush wants you to remember that postal workers are customers, too. From the time your local post office picks up your letter to the time it's delivered, many different employees will handle, sort, and bundle your letter. As long as all those people have to look at your envelope to figure out where it should go, Fribush reasons, why not try to sell them something?

Fribush, founder of Bubbling Bath Spa & Tub Works Inc., in Rockville, Md., does just that. On each envelope he mails you'll find this message: "Mr. Postman: Thank you for delivering this valuable letter from The Bubbling Bath . . . at the end of the day you should relax in a Jacuzzi" -- which Bubbling Bath just happens to sell.

"We started doing this because I thought the idea was cute," says Fribush, "but we have sold a couple of spas to postmen."