APRIL 1990

When it comes to travel, we all suspect that others get better deals than we do. In 1986 James Dick had his suspicions confirmed while checking out of a luxury hotel in Manhattan. The guest to his left was settling a bill a fraction of the size of Dick's for the same number of nights. The reason? The neighboring customer represented a big firm that was given corporate rates.

Dick was angry and curious enough to organize a service that liberates small-business travelers from the hotel's rack rates. He resigned his post as chairman of SNAP (Shared Network of Apparel Producers) and founded Express Hotel Reservations.

By unifying lone room seekers into one economic force, Express Hotel Reservations secures, on average, a 20% to 30% discount for accommodations in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. With no membership fee or user surcharge, small-business owners can use Express Hotel Reservations by calling (800) 356-1123 before checking in.