APRIL 1990

Haven't we all answered a customer service survey, only to experience little or no change in service? Bud Hadfield, CEO of Kwik Kopy Corp., uses what he finds out from his surveys on a demanding bunch of customers: his franchisees.

Every month 50 of Hadfield's 125 employees at Houston headquarters contact all of his 1,000 franchise owners and make two requests: "Give me one thing to do for you" and "Please rate us on a scale of one to 10." The caller makes sure that the request is delivered and files a report to Hadfield.

"Besides serving our franchisees, it makes spotting market trends a cinch, so we can act quickly," says Hadfield, who produced a videotape on hazardous-waste disposal after questions started coming up on the topic. And pairing staff with franchisees gives customer service a personal touch.