MAY 1990

Advertising executives may scoff at the idea, but there's a good reason why New Pig Corp. puts a picture of its factory in its sales brochure. At a weekly sales meeting, New Pig's in-house sales force reported that competitors' salespeople were besmirching New Pig's reputation.

"Somebody said we were a two-bit operation importing from Mexico," recalls one employee of this manufacturer of oil-absorbent socks for heavy machinery. Others had similar stories to share.

"We'll show them who has the biggest smokestack in town," figured founder and chairman Don Beaver. He decided to quiet skeptics by including a picture in the sales brochure of the New Pig factory in Altoona, Pa., where the five-year-old company's 170-some employees work.

Today prospective customers have little doubt about $18-million New Pig's stature.