MAY 1990

Environmental conservation efforts typically require two already endangered resources: your money and your time. Not so with an environmental conservation organization's "affinity" credit card, a joint venture between the banking institution offering the card and the nonprofit that markets it. A small percentage of the fee a bank collects on every transaction -- and, in some cases, a percentage of the annual fee as well -- is funneled into a nonprofit environmental organization.

Here are some environmental groups that have affinity cards your business could use. For applications and information on annual fees and percentage rates, call: American Rivers Inc., (202) 547-6900; National Audubon Society, (800) 445-1336; National Wildlife Federation, (800) 432-6564; The Nature Conservancy, (800) 628-6860; Sierra Club, (415) 776-2211 ext. 5653 (members only); and World Wildlife Fund, (800) 441-7011.