Keeper of the Flame: Michael Berolzheimer, who made Duraflame the country's best-selling fake fireplace logs, has now launched SWI-Specialty Woods International. Its first product: chopsticks for export to Japan.

* * *


Roll the Dice: As the LBO, the junk bond, and Donald Trump fall from favor, trust the warlords of this era to find a way to cash in. R. Leigh Ardrey, formerly a bond trader for Prudential-Bache Securities, launched Cayla Games to produce $peculation, a board game that mimics world market trading. So far, Ardrey's not pulling down the same salary he did in Wall Street's heyday -- but neither are many of the colleagues he left behind.


Good Friends?: Consumers love Sandra Garratt -- her low-cost modular clothing, Multiples, attracted $150 million in 1988 retail sales. Sadly, her business relationships haven't fared as well. There was the 1986 split from Stinu Corp. of America. Then 1989's disputed-royalties suit against Jerell Inc. Is bad karma Garratt's fate? No, some potential new licensees apparently believe. With the legal dust barely settled, suitors are lining up at Garratt's door. Still, a buyer cautions, "Time will tell if she's a designer for the future."

-- Elizabeth Conlin