JUNE 1990

If you've got questions about exporting to West Germany, a couple of on-line databases may have the answers. You don't need to speak German to use them, but you do need a modem and a computer.

According to Leonard Fuld, president of Fuld & Co., competitor-intelligence specialists in Cambridge, Mass., these two databases come complete with English translations of files:

ABC der Deutschen Wirtschaft. Lists name, address, phone number, products, and number of employees for 76,000 manufacturers. It includes industry classification, commercial registration, and bankers. Managers and sales reps are listed by name.

Wer Liefert Was? Information on 58,000 manufacturers and service suppliers includes address, phone number, product lines and services, and trade names of products.

For access and price information on either database, call Data-Star, (800) 221-7754; or FIZ Technik, Frankfurt/Main, 49-69-430-8225. Wer Liefert Was? is also carried by Bertelsmann Informations Service, Munich, 49-89-43-1890.