june 1990

The president and CEO of Windham Hill Records, in Palo Alto, Calif., wants each employee to know how important his or her job is to the company. So she holds an hour-long meeting for all 30 employees at company headquarters every Monday morning at 9:00. Everyone from the warehouse stocker to the chief executive herself, Anne Robinson, gives a two-minute summary of what they have upcoming for the week.

Why bother with such a production every week? It allows everybody in the company to report more accurate information than if a manager spoke for them, keeps the organization flat, and instills employees with a sense of pride in their work, reports Robinson.

Windham Hill's two branch offices also hold meetings. Minutes from the meetings are combined and circulated to all 60 employees. "Information is power, and I don't think it should live inside my head," says Robinson of the eight-year-old tradition that grew with the company.