JULY 1990

CEOs interested in plan-ning for their own or their employees' retirement years should consider using the "retirement calculator," a pocket guide that helps you determine how big a nest egg you'll need -- and how much you'll be able to build at your current earnings and savings pace -- by the time you reach 65.

By focusing on current income, savings and investments, company pension, and Social Security benefits, the five-step calculator can give you a ballpark figure of how much money you'll need to retire.

It doesn't figure on any ownership stake in your business -- potentially your biggest asset -- but the calculator is still good for quick answers to such questions as, How much annual income would a 45-year-old executive earning $150,000 today need at retirement to maintain his or her current living standards? (The answer: $360,803. A good reason to start planning early.) For a free copy of the retirement calculator, call Kemper Financial Services Inc., (800) 733-7100, ext. 1990.