JULY 1990

There's no doubt about it, a growing business can be a professional pressure cooker for employees. To help cool things down at Arche Technologies Inc., Fridays -- when most staff meetings are held -- are dress-down days.

Isaac Levanon, president and CEO of the Fremont, Calif., IBM PC-clone manufacturer, reports the informal environment helps employees loosen up in what could otherwise be a tense meeting. "On Fridays the exchange of information is freer," says Levanon. "People don't say, 'Here's the boss, let's think about what I can say.' It's a nonthreatening environment."

Since instituting the policy, Levanon says, employee morale is up. And every little bit helps when a company grows at a rate of 250% a year to a reported $100 million in annual revenues in 1989.