by Peter B. Vaill

Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1989

"So much of the leadership process today involves motivating and inspiring others, communicating the rules of the game over and over again. But who nurtures the leader? How does an organization operate at a high-performance level year after year? In Managing as a Performing Art, Peter Vaill describes this as the search for a deeper experience.

"Vaill argues that man-agement is not a science; it's an art form. His book is about bringing the best out in people so everyone feels the organization means something more than just what it does or the money it makes. Vaill's not suggesting that you can walk away from the importance of fiscal management.

"But the bottom line isn't the only measure. In a really good company, management also focuses on technology, on the marketplace, on being an active participant in the community. The trick is to strike a balance and not allow any one of these factors to pull too strongly and destabilize the whole.

"I agree with Vaill that managing is more than methodically watching the numbers and applying popular theories. The more integrated you are as a human being, the more effective you can be."

-- Malte von Matthiessen,

CEO, YSI Inc.,

Yellow Springs, Ohio

* * *