If a board of advisers pays off when planning a company's future, then why not assemble one when planning for each department? That's what Lisa Bergson, president and CEO of MEECO Inc., a $4-million maker of scientific measurement devices, figured.

Bergson wanted to revamp the company's outdated image, so she assembled a board of marketing advisers to do a case study of MEECO's marketing efforts. Five outside advisers with years of marketing expertise teamed up with five MEECO people for one long lunch. Bergson left the restaurant with sketches for a new corporate identity, trade booth, and brochure in hand.

"We are in a very technical industry and are located in Warrington, Pa., which is remote geographically. This was one way to keep our people stimulated," says Bergson, who plans to hold marketing and manufacturing advisory meetings in 1991.

* * *