Leveraged management buyouts of large-company subsidiaries are on the rise. Venture Economics counts 101 new businesses formed by such divestiture last year, up from 84 in 1988 and 58 in 1987.


As the FTC investigates "infomercials," those 30-minute TV ads, primary patrons of the format continue to be new companies. One new firm, The Inteligis Group, sees "documentary commercials" as a way around distribution roadblocks. Still, the FTC claims many programs look deceptively like regular talk shows; says one congressional aide, "We think there's a significant amount of fraud here."


Devoting your life to a new company? The workweek should lighten -- a little. Here's how much INC. 500 CEOs work now and five years ago:

Now Then

Under 50 hours 15% 10%

50-59 26 11

60-69 32 31

70-79 18 21

Over 80 9 27


A new Minneapolis magazine aims to match midwestern ventures with investors; cash-hungry companies pay $700 to $1,000 to be listed in Capital Link.