Explorers' Club

Master Link Computers Inc., in Tarrytown, N.Y., has contracted with a French company to purchase computer peripherals in the United States and ship them to France; now the company is looking into other international deals (French Connection, August, [Article link]). But this is new territory for Master Link, and it wants to be prepared. Where can the company get firsthand advice?

* * *

So many unexpected problems may arise in the exporting business that it's impossible to prepare for all of them. As a beginning, I suggest Mr. Carney speak with other exporters; in his area, there are clubs such as the Tappan Zee International Trade Association and the World Trade Club of West-chester. He might also benefit from reading case studies in college textbooks on international marketing.

Kenneth D. Weiss

Agribusiness Adviser

Chemonics International

Washington, D.C.

* * *

Where Do I Sign Up?

George Kraffel's insurance broker warned him that errors-and-omissions coverage for his new mergers-and-acquisitions business could be expensive. He could save money, he learned, by joining a group offering its members such coverage, and he thought a group might offer him reduced rates on other insurance as well (Group Protection, August, [Article link]). But what group could he join?

* * *

In my area, such organizations as the local chamber of commerce and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association offer group insurance for members. Also, Mr. Kraffel may start his own group medical insurance plan with as few as three members. He should consult his independent insurance agent.

Jenifer M. Berman


Updates Library Management Services

Wethersfield, Conn.

Keep the Faith

Tova Galnur imports icons from the Holy Land and has been trying to sell them through "eye-catching" advertisements in religious publications. But response has been poor (Buyers Be Where? August, [Article link]). If The Franklin Mint can do it, Galnur asked, why can't she?

* * *

If The Franklin Mint is successful, it's because it knows how to run a mail-order business. That subject is too big to cover in a letter, but I have a couple of suggestions for Ms. Galnur:

Study the past 12 issues of the publications in which you advertise. If you find advertisements for products like yours, you may have found a market. If not, you've wasted your money.

Remember that eye appeal has little to do with mail-order success. You advertise to get orders; that's the kind of applause you want.

Larry Nelson


The Business Builder

Palos Heights, Ill.

* * *

Selling Updates

Daniel Grunberg's company revamps software from obsolete computers to run on current standard equipment. He thinks there must be a huge market for his service, but he's had trouble finding it (Program Trading, August, [Article link]).

* * *

Mr. Grunberg should contact school districts and parent-teacher-student organizations. I work in a public school that uses obsolete equipment, and I imagine many schools would be interested in his software-rebuilding services.

Huldah Williams

Office Assistant

Madrona Elementary School