Looking for money to fund your new business? Don't overlook seed-capital funds, particularly if your idea is technology based. In recent years a number of seed funds have been created by state and local governments eager to generate jobs and growth in their particular areas.

The 1989 Survey of State Sponsored Seed Capital Funds, prepared by the Advanced Technology Development Center, in Atlanta, provides an overview of the seed-capital industry and a list of 50 players and potential players as of 1989. It's available for $21.50 from National Business Incubation Association, 1 President St., Athens, OH 45701.

An updated report on seed investing is available from Emory University, in Atlanta. The report will list established funds as well as addresses and phone numbers of several new funds. Send $21.50 to The 1990 Survey of Seed Capital, c/o Richard T. Meyer, Emory University Business School, 1602 Mizell Dr., Atlanta, GA 30322. -- Bruce G. Posner

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