Does your sick-leave policy include a "job-guarantee" for managers when they return? Small companies trail large ones in this respect, but in companies with more than 15 employees, the gap quickly narrows. In fact, midsize companies had the best record of all.

% of companies that promise the same or comparable job upon return from leave

Paid Unpaid Separate

sick leave sick leave maternity leave

1-15 employees 24.8 39.6 4.7

16-49 employees 47.6 62.2 12.7

50-99 employees 59.2 69.7 19.7

100+ employees 62.5 64.3 16.8

Note: Leave time averages from one to two weeks in the smallest companies to three weeks in the largest ones.

Source: "Leave Policies in Small Business," a survey of 1,730 companies. U.S. Small Business Administration, Washington, D.C.; 1990.