Jerry Cahn, president of Brilliant Image, a Manhattan-based supplier of presentation graphics, has tried planting any number of devices imprinted with the Brilliant Image logo, phone number, and message in prospects' offices: daily calendars, slide viewers, executive toys, and Rolodex cards. Like any service provider, Cahn wants to be sure desperate customers think of his company's name. His most effective reminder so far? A pad of Post-it notes. How come?

Offices are full of coffee mugs, and people don't pay attention to what's written on them, says Cahn. Expensive stuff with intrinsic value, such as slide viewers and executive toys, tend to end up in pockets or drawers. "That defeats our purpose," says Cahn, "since we need them out on desks where they can be seen." He still uses the Rolodex card, including one in every mailing to a new or prospective client.

But the Post-it notes, Cahn swears, have so far worked best. "We always ask where people got our name and number when they call, and we've gotten more mention of the notes than anything else." Why?

* They're useful.

* They're cheap and plentiful, so no one squirrels them away.

* They're out on the desk, where the assistant is likely to remember and find them when the boss comes screaming that he or she needs those slides and needs them today.

-- Tom Richman