"Sometimes the entrepreneur is so unintellectual that he has a hard time accounting for his own success in convincing terms. Asked how he made good, he will come up with clichés about working hard when a boy, staying close to the soil, never losing faith, remembering Dad's advice. . . .

"This is one reason he has been misunderstood by intellectuals. And how they have underestimated and misunderstood him! Perhaps because they have been taught to rate genius in terms of mental giants like Milton, Shakespeare, Goethe, and Einstein, they find it difficult to see the talent lurking in the skull of a man who spouts platitudes and knows or cares little for the great achievements of intellectuals. And that perhaps is why his talent, which practically amounts to the American genius, has been portrayed most effectively only in satire and irony."

-- From "So You Want to Make Money," Fortune, June 1953

* * *