Hiring one's father-in-law sounds like a bad idea, but circumstances may force one reader to do it. How can he make the best of the situation? Another reader would like to make the best of his bad collectibles -- ideally, to collect on them. Also, questions on sales reps and Romania.

Relative Risk
My father-in-law, an unemployed corporate-purchasing executive, wants me to hire him for my three-employee distribution company. Until the company grows, I can pay him only about $33,000, well below his old salary. Since he has no job prospects and lacks the resources to start a business, he has little choice but to accept what I can offer. How can I minimize the chance of friction between us? What issues and pitfalls should I consider before I offer him a job?

Name Withheld

Antique Collectibles
Once a debt proves uncollectible, I don't know what to do. I've tried collection agencies and lawyers without success. Even with personal guarantees and default judgments, I haven't seen a dime on cases we've taken to court. There must be alternatives. What resources can I consult for advice on credit evaluation and collection?

Leonard Shutzberg


The Software Factory


Clerk To Produce
I am marketing a produce rack for use in grocery stores. I haven't been able to locate regional sales reps who deal in hard goods for the grocery industry. Where can I find them, and how can I evaluate them?

Rick Wentworth


Supermarketing Display


Lansing, Mich.

When in Romania . . .
A few months ago I moved to Romania to open a branch of my U.S. company, providing English-language translation and interpretation to American businesspeople. How can I compile a list of U.S. companies interested in doing business in Romania and Eastern Europe? Where can I advertise most effectively?

Adrian Visan


Avilam Intermediations

Bucharest, Romania