In our March FaxPoll, you may recall, we asked readers to tell us whom they supported for president. The official results will appear in the June issue, but here are the early exit polls, based on the first 500 responses we received. (Bear in mind that George Bush captured more than 80% of the votes in a poll of Inc. 500 CEOs we conducted four years ago.)

Bush 37%
Buchanan 21
Tsongas 12
Clinton 6
Brown 1
Kerrey 1
Duke 1
Harkin 1
Other 7
Undecided 13
Among the top write-in candidates was H. Ross Perot. I asked Perot a few months ago whether he'd consider running for president. He said, "Forget it! I live for results. One week in Washington, and either I'd be crazy or every bureaucrat in town would be fleeing in terror." At the time I thought he was rejecting the idea out of hand. Now that he's declared himself available, I realize he was just trying out one hell of a campaign slogan.

* * *