Most of you are familiar with the Inc. catalog we've been wrapping around the magazines we send to subscribers each month. We felt this wrap was a good way to introduce you to some of the books and videos we produce in addition to the magazine. Lots of you felt otherwise -- boy, did you feel otherwise. You called, you wrote, you faxed. Whatever the medium, the message was clear: ax the wrap. Beyond that, you suggested alternatives, lots of them, often in great detail. One reader, a veteran manager of the Limited, gave us a veritable business plan for creating an Inc. catalog inside the magazine, replete with design tips and suggestions about copy. So starting with this issue, we're removing the wrap and will begin featuring Inc. products in an inside catalog, which we will run periodically throughout the year. To all who took the time to tell us how you felt, thanks. If you have any other ideas or suggestions about Inc., please pass them along. Most days you can find me at 617-248-8445.

* * *