The brightest trend in Atlas Van Lines' analysis of employees who have been asked to relocate is that companies are committing policies to paper. The number of businesses without formal employee-relocation policies dropped from more than 33% in 1970 to less than 5% today. While 48% of the 280 surveyed companies relocated in search of a better economic climate, 38% did so owing to corporate expansion. The most popular relocation destination was the Rustbelt -- the midwestern states that in the late 1980s were among the first to feel the pinch of the recession. Conversely, the region most frequently refused by employees opting not to relocate was that covering the three Pacific states -- the bedrock of growth in the 1980s. More than 77% of the companies reimburse all moving expenses. But, as the graph below shows, what constitutes a moving expense is open to interpretation.

* * *

Percentage of companies
that'll foot the bill

What you want done
Pack everything 96.0%

Move your car 90.1

Carry stuff down from your attic 85.4

Move recreation/lawn equipment 71.6

Move unlimited weight 68.7

Move your spouse's car 61.0

Move valuable art/collectibles 60.3

Pick up stuff from a 2nd residence 45.8

Move your pets 42.5

Store some possessions 39.2

Move your satellite dish 30.9

Move your boat 28.3

Hire a maid, at either end 8.7

* * *

Source: Atlas Van Lines' "Twenty-fifth Annual Survey of Corporate Relocation Policies," 1992. For the full (free) 11-page report, call Atlas director of communications Jim Huth at 800-638-9797.