Potted plants can recondition the air by absorbing and chemically reprocessing common toxins. Here are some typical office pollutants and the group of potted plants found most effective in neutralizing them.

* * *

Toxin Sources Restorative plant
Benzene Tobacco smoke Gerber daisy

Ink Bamboo palm

Synthetic fibers Peace lily

Detergents Sansevieria

Rubber Janet Craig

Plastics Warneckei

Trichloroethylene Paint Peace lily

Varnish Janet Craig

Adhesives Warneckei

Formaldehyde Foam insulation Boston fern

Plywood Chrysanthemum

Particleboard Gerber daisy

Carpeting Bamboo palm

Water repellents Weeping fig

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Source: Plants for Clean Air Council, Reston, Va.

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