"Our goal is to have all clinical data on the human body just a touch away," says Ronald Cantrell, president of SRC Systems, in San Antonio's technology incubator, Texas Research Park. In 1991 the company began marketing Autochart , a $3,000 stylus-driven workstation intended to replace traditional paper-chart systems for dental record keeping. The hardware/software package allows instant access to a patient's entire clinical record and even incorporates a digitized instant X-ray process that requires no film-developing time.

Autochart is the brainchild of SRC founder Richard Suddick, DDS, whose vision of a paperless dental office propelled him to invest nine years and $300,000 (from borrowed and venture funds) to develop the workstation. At $2 billion, the market for clinical workstations is substantial; SRC aims to capture a 2.5% market share, or $50 million in revenues, by 1997. SRC -- which sells 65 dental-related software products in addition to Autochart -- broke $1.5 million in sales for 1992, nearly a 1,000% increase over 1991 sales, says Cantrell.

-- Alessandra Bianchi