One Small Step (phone: 415-772-4315), which serves the San Francisco area, is one of several groups that provide resources and networking opportunities for companies interested in work/family issues. Others include the New England Work & Family Association (617-353-7225), in Boston, and the Family & Workplace Consortium in Boise, Idaho (contact Karen Gowland, 208-336-2211). The Child Care Action Campaign (CCAC; 330 Seventh Ave., 17th floor, New York, NY 10001) can identify other such groups.

One Small Step also publishes a free brochure, "Small Businesses and Families," which describes policies for employers of working parents. And the CCAC publishes Not Too Small to Care: Small Businesses and Child Care ($25), which provides information on all aspects of child care and profiles such companies as Bowles, in Petersburgh, Vt., which set up an on-site center for its 12 employees at a start-up cost of just $2,500, and the Maine Antique Digest, in Waldoboro, Maine, which offers $50 a week in child-care subsidies to its 15 employees.

Companies that want to measure themselves against the most committed large corporations can send for the Families & Work Institute's Corporate Reference Guide to Work-Family Programs, by Ellen Galinsky, Dana E. Friedman, and Carol A. Hernandez (212-465-2044, $89). The 437-page tome chronicles work/family initiatives at companies such as IBM. It also includes the "Family-Friendly Index," against which companies can measure themselves.

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