"In school, getting one right out of one is an A, whereas getting 2 right out of 20 is an F. In business, 2 for 20 is an A, whereas one for one is probably luck."

-- Corey Rosen, executive director of the National Center for Employee Ownership, Oakland, Calif.

* * *

We recently called Honeywell to find out what was happening with its plan to create a $10-million fund to help small U.S. companies pursue cases of patent infringement by foreign competitors. The computer giant, fresh from its legal battles with Minolta, had previously indicated it was ready to kick in $1 million of its own money, with an additional $9 million to be contributed by other large companies victimized by foreign infringement. "Let me make this easy," a Honeywell spokesman told us. "It no longer exists. We approached one or two dozen companies who said no -- they had no interest at all. So the idea for the fund is gone. Forever."