A small group of us from Inc. will be heading to Springfield, Mo., on September 23 and 24 to attend and participate in A Gathering of Games, billed as "a practitioners' conference on open-book management." The conference, hosted by Springfield Remanufacturing Corp. (SRC), will bring together some of the country's leading open-book practitioners, as well as people from companies that are taking the first steps in opening their books. Participants will share their experiences in getting started, teaching the financials, developing bonus programs, and communicating results. While we expect a large turnout, we know of at least one individual who won't make it. Recently, SRC mailed invitations to people who had attended its monthly "Great Game of Business" seminars. One invitation came back with a note saying that the addressee was an hourly worker who was "not to receive mail at the company."

For further information about the Gathering, you can telephone SRC at 800-386-2752 or send a fax to 417-831-4260.

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