Wellness programs deliver the greatest return when tailored to a company's employees and their predominant health problems. Some groups are more likely to smoke than the general population is, for instance. The Wellness Councils of America (402-572-3590) can help you assess your work force and design an appropriate wellness program. Here's what small companies are offering:

* * *

Program % of respondents offering it
Alcohol and drug policy 85%

Smoking restrictions 55

Exercise/fitness program 33

Stress-management education 29

Back-care information/activities 28

Weight-management information 27

High-blood-pressure information/activities 23

HIV and STD information/activities 23

Nutrition education 22

Information/activities pertaining to off-the-job accidents 14

Cholesterol screenings 10

Cancer screenings 6

Prenatal education 5

* * *

Source: "1992 National Survey of Worksite Health Promotion Activities" (from excerpts about companies with fewer than 100 employees), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.