Since the World Trade Center bombing, every CEO in the country has probably been inundated with cold calls from salespeople promising peace of mind with business-interruption insurance.

But before you spend more money on insurance coverage, invest $20 in How to Develop a Contingency Plan for a Major Disaster (National Supply Co., 800-722-0204 or 818-407-0238), a booklet with a commonsense approach to doing just that.

Admittedly, the 18-page guide sounds a bit like a pep talk from your parents. But parents have a tendency to be right, and the guide is dead-on as it urges companies to set up "plan books" that include emergency phone numbers; copies of key documents, contracts, and leases; and lists of sources for replacement of computer hardware, software, and other essential supplies. It advises CEOs to designate, in case of a catastrophe, one person who can talk to the press and other staffers who can spend money for replacement supplies and equipment up to preset limits.

* * *