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Smallest Yet?

Company claims to produce the world's tiniest 486 computer.

The competition for in the Office's Tiniest Office heated up recently as Dauphin Technology, in Lombard, Ill., began shipping the DTR-1, which claims title to the world's tiniest 486 computer. Its central processing unit, separate keyboard, six-inch monochrome screen, carrying case, and internal battery collectively weigh a mere 3.5 pounds.

The lilliputian setup takes up only half a briefcase, but you can save even more space by jettisoning the keyboard in favor of an electronic stylus (supplied), which serves also as a mouse. Through preinstalled Windows for Pen Computing, a user can teach the DTR-1's built-in spreadsheet to recognize even sloppy handwriting. Nirvana it's not, however; the characters must be in printed, rather than cursive, form.

Inside the DTR-1 is a silver-dollar-size hard disk storing about 40 megabytes. A fax/modem is also built in, but, as with most pen-based systems, a floppy drive isn't. Instead, the DTR-1 can hook up to an external floppy or hard drive. Anyway, you can always download via cable from a desktop PC. But while you're there, hook up the machine to a keyboard and monitor that's fit for grown-ups: this miniature marvel may be a chic traveling companion, but when you're back at the desk with the DTR-1 or one of its subnotebook ilk, you'll feel the lack of its, well, size.

The DTR-1 costs about $2,500. For information, call Dauphin at 800-782-7922.

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Last updated: Nov 1, 1993

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