The Clinton team has projected that, under its proposal, the average premium for a standard health-insurance package will run $1,800 for an individual and $4,200 for a family, per year. Most businesses would pay 80% of the average premium, but no business in a regional alliance would pay more than 7.9% of payroll, and those with fewer than 50 employees could pay as little as 3.5%. Here's what small companies -- those that pay anything -- now pay. (Figures are for companies with fewer than 500 employees.)

Total cost* of health-benefits program, as a percentage of payroll for 1991 Percentage of respondents
Less than 5% 11%
5% Ñ 9.9% 46%
10% Ñ 14.9% 26%
15% Ñ 19.9% 10%
More than 20% 7%

*Employer's costs only

Source: "Health Care Benefits Survey," Foster Higgins, Princeton, N.J., 1992.

* * *