The chiefs of cash-starved companies would have you believe that bankers are (a) too dim-witted, (b) too terrified of the regulators, or (c) too darn lazy to make a loan to their "jewel of a company." But do CEOs ever allow for their role in their financing travails?

A survey of nearly 400 CEOs of growing businesses suggests that, privately, some do; many of the respondents put most of the blame on borrowers. Here are what they cited as the main reasons borrowers say they have trouble with banks:

Percentage of all respondents

Poor management 13%

No history of profitability 10%

Inadequate business plan 10%

Poor credit history 4%

Limited capital/collateral 4%

Too much debt 4%

Source: "Trendsetter Barometer," Coopers & Lybrand, New York City, September 1993.

* * *