John Hammer wondered where he could get a list of agencies that raise funds for nonprofit organizations ("Pledge Drive," November, [Article link]).

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Contact the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (212-354-5799, or fax 212-768-1795) for a list of its members. The group holds its members to rigorous ethical standards.

Henry Goldstein


The Oram Group

New York City

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In November we asked readers to suggest some good publications for woman entrepreneurs. Here's a vote for a marketing book that's written for people on the go:

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The business-growing strategies found in Robert Bly's Selling Your Services (Henry Holt, 1992, $14.95) are particularly practical for women with significant time constraints that are often the result of their combining business and family obligations.

Tactics such as direct mail, selling over the phone, and writing articles are welcome alternatives to some of the conventional advice about teaching, making sales calls, and networking -- all of which can be very time-consuming. Bly's book works: after trying some of its techniques, I gained two large projects that will keep me busy and profitable over the next two months.

Donna Fletcher


Donna E. Fletcher Consulting

Highland Park, Ill.

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In November Mukund Junnarkar wanted to know how to put together a promotional brochure on the cheap ("Bootstrapped Brochures," [Article link]). Here's some thoughtful advice from a pro:

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Take a hard look at your competitors' literature. Is it professionally typeset? Does it contain photos of products or personnel? How is the company described to its intended audience? If you want a free-lancer to help you produce your brochure, hire a member of a nearby chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (800-776-4222, in the United States and Canada).

Another consideration: give your company literature a longer shelf life by creating inserts or separate documents for information, such as price data, that becomes dated quickly.

Linda Grassia

Public Relations Specialist

Langer Biomechanics Group

Deer Park, N.Y