"In Telluride, Colorado, where I live, I read The Financial Times every day....But I read the Telluride Times-Journal first, our weekly local newspaper. Now you would think that in a town of only 1,400 permanent residents, the Telluride Times-Journal would not be challenged....But earlier this year a new daily newspaper was born: The Daily Planet. ...It used to be that it cost almost as much to start a newspaper as to start a steel plant. But with today's desktop publishing, a newspaper can be started overnight at very little cost. The Telluride Daily Planet is entirely digitized, including the use of digitized cameras whose images feed directly into a computer.

"Now the first thing I read every day is The Daily Planet. "

-- From Global Paradox: The Bigger the World Economy, the More Powerful Its Smallest Players, by John Naisbitt (William Morrow and Co., 1994)

* * *