"The Classic, the third management style of the entrepreneur, might be described as 'watch it all yourself.' You hire people as needed to get the job done, but you insist on tight, personal monitoring and supervision. And of course, you personally do all the really critical jobs yourself.

"If this is your style, you are probably reluctant to admit it. People criticize entrepreneurs for being unwilling to delegate . . . .

"Piffle. This is a perfectly legitimate way to run a company -- as long as you recognize and admit that this is your style. Problems so often encountered in businesses of this type do not arise from the management style as such. They arise from the delusion that team management is being used. . . . It is okay to delegate, and it is okay not to delegate; it is pretending to delegate that is disastrous."

-- From The New Venture Handbook, by Ronald E. Merrill and Henry D. Sedgwick (AMACOM, 1993)

* * *