Higher levels of employee involvement, according to a fascinating new survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and the Gallup Organization. The survey asked 1,000 Americans about a variety of workplace and compensation issues. Among the highlights:

Equity over cash
Which would you rather receive from an employer?

More cash in your paycheck now 23%

A share in the ownership of the company that could be cashed out when you leave the job 29%

Employer-paid pension benefits after retirement 46%

Don't know 1%

Influence over equity
Having input into company decisions at a company you worked for would be more important to you than having a share in company ownership.

Agree/strongly agree 64%

Disagree/strongly disagree 31%

Don't know 5%

Stability over money
If you owned stock in a company where you worked and an outside investor attempted a takeover by offering twice the market value of the stock, would you vote to sell the company?

No 56%

Yes 36%

Don't know/refused to answer 9%

You can obtain a summary of the survey from the EBRI for $50; a copy of the full report costs $100. For more information, contact Malaika Barnes at 202-775-6338.

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