Inc. 500 companies aren't your typical small businesses, of course. A glimpse of the benefits they offer catches them behaving like their bigger brethren. Health, life, and disability insurance is more prevalent at these fast-growth stars than in the wider small-business world. However, the 500 are still playing catch-up when it comes to other benefits, notably 401(k) plans: almost all large employers offer 401(k) programs.

Benefit and percentage of companies that offer it to all their full-time employees
Health insurance 96.0%

Health insurance (with employee contribution) 58.5%

Life insurance 80.8%

Disability insurance 61.8%

401(k) 55.5%

Profit sharing 48.9%

Paid parental leave 25.0%

Child-care reimbursement 9.0%

Source: Inc. 500 survey, 1993.

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