It's a fine line

you straddle each day.

Who can you hold off,

who can you pay?

It's a hard road

with potholes and curves.

Cash-flow highway

can frazzle your nerves.

Look back at

the dreams and the plans,

never thought things

could get so out of hand.

Hangin' tight,

tryin' not to fail.

Instead of making millions,

you're trying to keep out of jail.


the art of deceit.

Borrow, beg, and steal

from Paul to pay Pete.


the art of deceit.

Praying for the day

when proudly you can say

you made ends meet.

· · · · · ·

Hold tight,

it won't be long.

On the cover of Inc. !

You're doin' strong.

Do right,

there's no better tool.

When chips are down,

think "Golden Rule"!

-- From "Bootstrapping: The Art of Deceit," a song by the Baker Street Group, a small company in Warren, Ohio, that provides "Seminars-with-Songs" to health-care organizations

* * *