"If you're going to do direct mail, see this first," recommended one marketing director. This is a five-tape set of videos called Building Your Business with Direct Marketing, with John Groman, an engaging speaker and successful entrepreneur.

"There are three ways to grow any business," Groman begins, "more customers, more purchases, and bigger purchases." Putting his money on the last two, he explains how to reap repeat sales. He covers offers, art and copy, and costs before delving into 57 minutes on testing, databases, media, and lists. The series, which runs six hours and costs $149, captures the one-day seminar Groman conducts live for American Express merchants around the country. (His company, Epsilon, was bought by AmEx in 1990.) The tape set and two class handouts can be had from Epsilon/American Express. For more information, send a fax (with a return fax number) to John Smith at 212-619-9666.

* * *