There's more to life than business, as even the most successful entrepreneurs are aware. We recently asked a roomful of Inc. 500 CEOs to share their personal dreams with us. Here are a few that were mentioned:

· Diving with whales in the Pacific

· Participating in a biosphere project

· Riding a Harley cross-country with a son

· Restructuring the U.S. education system

· Heli-skiing

· Finding a cure for AIDS

· Bicycling to major-league ballparks with a son

· Skiing in Vail on every snowy day

· Sailing around the world with family

· Climbing the Great Wall of China

· Riding in the space shuttle

· Skydiving with a son

· Doing missionary work in Bosnia

· Canoeing down the Amazon with grandchildren

· Walking on the beach every warm day

· Taking the family on an extended tour in Europe

· Celebrating a 75th wedding anniversary