Never one to pass up a business opportunity, three-time Inc. 500 CEO Norman Brodsky of Perfect Courier is into privatization. "Most people hear that word and think of big things like school systems," says Brodsky. "I hear it and think small, like greens, as in golf."

Last March Brodsky and partner Neal Trabich set up Global Golf and struck a deal with county officials in Long Island, N.Y., to operate Bergen Point Golf Course, "a dog of a course if ever I saw one." Armed with a 20-year lease, they increased rounds played from 32,000 in 1992 to 43,000 in 1993 and expect comparable growth this year. The biggest problem: "Geese. Thousands of them. And more goose poops than you've ever seen. Golfers were up to their knees in it."

So how did they remove the geese? "Very carefully," says Brodsky. "You wouldn't believe the regulations on these birds." What exactly did they do? "I can't share that with you. It's a trade secret. We're getting calls from all over asking how we did it. We're thinking of starting a goose-removal business."

* * *