71% of men emphasize logic; 29% emphasize intuition

47% of women emphasize logic; 53% emphasize inutition

I chuckled when I read "Styles of Success," a recent report on the difference between management and thinking styles of male and female entrepreneurs, sponsored by the research arm of the National Association of Women Business Owners. Maybe it's a guy thing, but the report reads as if it were written by Helen Gurley Brown. Female business owners emphasize "sensitivity, values, and relationships," while their male counterparts are into "facts and structure." Women think of their businesses as family, "speaking with concern about their employees as individuals; men business owners almost never do." Women define success as "doing something worthwhile from which they can derive fulfillment," while guys describe success in terms of achieving goals, "almost as if they were completing tasks on a 'To Do' list."

My favorite part of the report, though, deals with how the sexes make decisions. A majority of the men (71%) emphasize logic over intuition, while the women are more evenly split (47% emphasize logic, 53% intuition), leading the authors to conclude that "women business owners, on average, can thus be said to be more 'whole brain' in their thinking." Which is like saying that since half the survey respondents are male and half female, on average they're hermaphrodites.

* * *