A survey of fast-growing companies found that 80% had instituted employee-participation programs. The 66% that said their programs were either "essential" or "very important" were more optimistic about growth over the next 12 months than the 34% that rated the programs "somewhat important" or "unimportant."

Percentage of companies that rated employee-participation programs --

Plans for growth "essential" or "very important" "somewhat important" or "unimportant"
Have plans for major new investments 64% 49%
Plan to hire more staff 83% 69%
Are considering acquiring another business 36% 25%
Expect to increase investment in new-product development 46% 33%
Expect to increase investment in information technology 49% 32%

Source: "Trendsetter Barometer," Coopers & Lybrand, New York City, August 1994.

* * *