If you're trying to track down articles about a particular computer product, there's an easier way than flipping through old magazines. Ziff-Davis Publishing has compiled a database that contains articles from 100-plus computer-related periodicals. The information is sold in several forms, under different names.

On CompuServe. In its on-line version, available on the CompuServe service, the database is known as Computer Database Plus. For CompuServe users, a search costs 25¢ a minute, plus $1 for each abstract downloaded or viewed and $2.50 for each full article. (That's in addition to CompuServe charges.) On CompuServe you can reach Computer Database Plus with the command GO COMPDB.

On CD-ROM. The CD-ROM version of the database, known as Computer Select, includes a product-specification guide. An annual subscription, updated monthly, costs $1,250. To order Computer Select, call 800-827-7889.

In a library. According to Laurie Gilman, a Computer Select marketing manager, some public libraries subscribe to research services that carry the database under the name of Computer Database or Computer ASAP. Ask your librarian.

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