Banking Smarter: How to Save Money in Your Business Banking Relationship (BCS & Associates, 602-423-8384, $39.95), by Dennis M. Suchocki and Andrew M. Smith, two former bankers, aims to teach executives how to cut banking costs and improve the bottom line through better money-management techniques.

Don't overlook this book. It's chock-full of work sheets that can help you identify exactly how much your company is paying for each banking service. You may even discover that you're paying for superfluous services. The book also provides savvy suggestions about ways companies themselves can control banking relationships.

One final point: this guide emphasizes the continually changing nature of corporate bank dealings. You must always be alert to new services, fees, and bank errors that can start to increase your costs at any time. Once you master the book's work sheets, you should include a brief banking checkup in your monthly financial-performance analyses.