With the confusing array of choices in technology purchases, it's easy to see how some companies whiz through several incarnations of phone systems or software before settling down with the "right" one. Business Consumer Guide can help you sort through the bewildering options and make well-founded purchasing decisions.

The Watertown, Mass., publication, which accepts no advertising, offers thorough reviews of printers, CD-ROM drives, and other equipment and also mentions the availability of such technical appointments as modem jacks and fax machines in hotels. A recent analysis of overnight-mail-delivery services included a review of the tracking software that many such companies now offer.

Each issue begins by assuming no prior knowledge on the part of the reader, offering a decision-making tree that can be customized to help small companies make rational choices. The publisher also offers DetailSpecs, which are more thorough analyses from its database. Back issues of Business Consumer Guide are $25; a year's subscription of 12 monthly issues is $119. DetailSpecs are free to subscribers, cost $5 per topic for nonsubscribers, and can be ordered by phone at 800-938-0088.

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