Seed money can provide a great boost for start-ups. But for growing companies that need more capital than seed grants can provide, a wealth of alternative money sources can be found in How to Finance a Growing Business: An Insider's Guide to Negotiating the Capital Markets, by Royce Diener (Merritt Publishing, 800-638-7597, 1995, $24.95).

If anything, this book suffers from an overabundance of financing strategies. But shrewd business owners can pick and choose their way through more than 300 pages worth of ideas, which run the gamut from the simplest techniques to the most sophisticated.

Especially useful is the way the guide distinguishes between working-capital loans (for day-to-day operations) and growth-capital loans (for expansion) -- a distinction that is sometimes blurred by managers who lack a financial background. Diener discusses when and how to raise each of those types of capital and includes useful sections on what bankers look for in corporate borrowers.

* * *